Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who runs was acquired by SYN LTD in 2014 and since then has continued to make improvements for existing customers from a complete revamp of hardware and introducing DDoS protection. We have kept the prices exactly the same whilst improvements have been made and now look to expand the range of services available. is a trading name of SYN LTD. SYN LTD is registered in England & Wales at The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, CV1 3PP, United Kingdom.

    Company No: 09243303 VAT No: GB199956224

  • Do you offer refunds?
    There are no refunds unless explicitly stated on the plans tab.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
      We accept the following:
    • PayPal
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • Bitcoins
    • Bank Transfer (For large transfers we accept bank transfer via ACH for US clients and SEPA for EU clients - contact billing)
  • How long does setup take?
    If your order passes our instant fraud check then you will be presented with the invoice which once paid will activate your VPS immediately. We manually review all orders, it is still possible your order may be cancelled & refunded if you do not enter correct details or have used a VPN to order.
  • Do you provide any support?

    Whilst all plans are advertised as no support on these plans, we may assist with general questions or give guidance where applicable. We expect the end user to have some basic knowledge at least of linux.

    Should you require your VPS to be managed you may visit our main brand - INIZ.

    Resource Upgrades/Addons

  • Do you offer custom plans? Can I upgrade to the next plan?

    There are no custom plans available.

    All offerings on this site is fixed, you can upgrade to the next available plan on the offer as available. Once you are on the highest plan you may contact us to upgrade individual resources (CPU/HDD/RAM).

    Bandwidth can be upgraded at anytime, minimum of 1TB for £2.50 per month.

  • What happens if I use up all my bandwidth?

    Your VPS will be suspended once you have used up your bandwidth for the month, it is then reset on the 1st of every month or your billing month.

    Bandwidth can be upgraded at anytime, minimum of 1TB for £2.50 per month.

  • How many IPs (IPv4 & IPv6) can I get?

    Additional IPv4 is £1/month and IPv6 is free on IO & Extreme plans.

    No additional IPs available on storage plans, only 1 IPv4 & 1 IPv6.

    Please submit ticket to request additional IPs.

  • Do you offer any licenses (DirectAdmin/cPanel)?

    We offer both DirectAdmin & cPanel licenses at competitive rates, we are direct NOC partners of both.

    DirectAdmin is £5 per month & cPanel is £9 per month.

    Once you have purchased your VPS and have had your IP issued, you may order via: